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Our factory is an assembly factory, meaning we do not produce parts, but only assemble products. The expertise of producing parts, we leave to our elaborate network of specialized suppliers. We arrange the purchase of all parts needed for the assembly of products from one of our preferred suppliers according to the specifications needed by the customers. If quantities are large enough, we can arrange a second source for critical parts. Our small scale operation is specialized in small orders up to 10000 pieces per year per product and with that fills a gap in the China production market for smaller customers.

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Offering the best for our customers

We are offering our customers a state of the art, fully licensed production facility, in which the utmost care for the products being produced is taken. The factory is ISO and FDA certified, guaranteeing that all processes in the production process are recorded and supervised and the products are meeting the quality level required. We are therefore allowed to make medical products as well. The factory is audited every three months by Intertek in order to make sure for the customers we are still up to standard. The factory has an official export license ensuring smooth customs handling.

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Offering the best for our customers products

All material being purchased for the customer undergoes a strict incoming quality control (IQC). If a batch is accepted it will be stored in our warehouse awaiting processing. If not, it will be refused and sent back to the supplier. All products are 100% tested inline to ensure proper functioning and safety (QA). Samples are taken from each shipment to undergo extensive testing on top of that. At the request of a customer we welcome a third party inspection agency to do an outgoing goods inspection (OQC). All batch information is recorded in our ErP system, so we can track back all information about a batch. We are making sure that the production is independent of the personnel working on it, by making use of electric or pneumatic jigs and tools were needed. The tools and jigs needed for this are made according to our in-house  design or at the customers request. The tools are 3D printed in house if the design allows this or are subcontracted at our prototyping suppliers.

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Taking care of our personnel

We are in the opinion that a factory can only work well as a team, with personnel that is fitting the team and is happy to come to work. Therefore we are offering our personnel a nice clean environment in an airconditioned space and a working time of 40 hours per week and no overtime, other than most factories. In order to watch over the personnel health, the assembly line stations all have wheeled chairs, so the personnel will not stand the whole day. Furthermore we train all personnel in all tasks, so we can rotate the stations twice per day. This way, the personnel is not doing the same job the whole time. We work solely with local people (mostly mothers) in order to keep the team complete and the experience in house.

Production: Welcome
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