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RMB Holland is offering consultancy for customers in the GuangDong region. The consultancy can be a factory audit, a quality inspection, but also project management on location and engineering support to a factory team.

Consultancy: Welcome

Project management support

When customers are doing a project in most Chinese factories, the project will mostly get full attention when the customer is visiting, but as soon as the customer is not visiting anymore, the attention is fading. Furthermore communicating with Chinese factories is best done face to face in order to avoid communication mistakes. Therefore RMB Holland is offering project management on location. Mostly visiting a factory once per week or per 2 weeks is already proving to improve the process considerably and keeping the attention.

Consultancy: Welcome

Engineering support

Out of the box thinking is not a property most Chinese designers have. Mostly the Chinese designer keep in their trusted area of expertise. This blocks innovations customers would like to do. RMB Holland is offering engineering support in order to think with the customer and factory about the out of the box design and make these innovations work. With all experience in a lot of different fields the founder of RMB Holland is having a lot of expertise in a lot of different area's

Consultancy: Welcome

Approbation support

RMB Holland is working together with Dekra, Intertek and CVC and has arranged numerous approbations of products in the past. Therefore RMB Holland is your partner to get your product approved for the market in which it is needed to be sold. RMB Holland also offers continuing support for already approved products by informing customers of the changing standards that requires resubmitting customer's products.

Consultancy: Welcome

Factory audit

Having visited and audited hundreds of factories in the past 10 years, RMB Holland is your partner to get a detailed assessment of a factory in which your products are going to be produced. You can expect a full report with all details of the factory and a list of improvements needed.

Consultancy: Welcome
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