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About Our Company

RMB Holland is founded in 2013. The founder has been working in China since 2008, RMB Holland therefore has a wealth of knowledge and experience in everything related to the manufacturing of fantastic products and the challenges it brings to produce in China. The head office is located in the east of The Netherlands. This makes communication about products and projects easier for customers, as they don't need to visit China. RMB has opened a production facility in China in 2016. This facility is located just south of GuangZhou (Kanton), close to Shunde port. 

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Why work with us?

By working with our company, customers will have one conversation partner, providing the full service (or parts thereof) from product development to shipping. 

Whether you use our design services, production facilities or project management services, we are making sure we will provide the chosen service to you at the required quality level.

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Head office

Fortuna 24
6661 JH  Elst
The Netherlands

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RMB Holland CN square.png

China office / factory

Ronggui Biguiyuan
No.2 Chaoguibeilu,
528305, Foshan Shunde

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