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Product development

Create a new design or modify your existing design

RMB Holland has 15 years of experience in designing products for the consumer market. We can do a complete new design or adopt your existing design for easier manufacturing. We offer: Mechanical design, Industrial design (Working with a Dutch designer) Electronic (PCBA) design, Software design (Both for the PCBA as well as Windows programs for testing), Packing design, IOT design (Cooperates with Tuya and APP designers to offer a full plug and play package), Functional prototype building, Molding design (Working with Dutch mold designer), Assembly jigs design, Test equipment design



Start or bring your production to China

in 2016, RMB Holland has started its production factory and in April 2021 our brand new factory in Foshan China will be finished. The factory is lead by a local Dutch management team, to ensure it can offer the European quality standard you need for your products. The factory is a small scale organization that is specialized in small series of products that normally will not be accepted in China. The factory has an official export license, is FDA approved and is ISO certified. The factory offers: Production, Production jig manufacturing, Inline 100% testing if needed with specially built test equipment, Buying service, Import of consigned goods, Inspection facilitation (by 3rd party on request), Shipping arrangements by air, train or sea

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Your presence in China

In order to keep a close eye on the projects you have already in China a presence in China is a plus. From auditing to project management, our team can offer this service for you. References: Friesland Campina, Spinn Coffee, Rodger

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